Weekly Schedule


9:00a.m. - Coffee and Conversation on Zoom

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  2. join with Meeting ID: 871 9364 1353 Passcode:CoffeeChat
10:30a.m. - Worship on Youtube


9:00a.m. - Bible Study on Zoom

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7:00p.m. - Current Events Discussion & Prayer Time on Zoom

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Blue and White, words "Bread of Life Deaf Lutheran Church" encircle a cross.  ASL hand shapes of B, O, L, D in quadrants around cross

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Welcome to Bread of Life Deaf Lutheran Church!

Our mission is to share the Good News:

God loves Deaf people and their loved ones.

We love Deaf people and their loved ones TOO!!

We believe that the body of Christ includes ALL people:

  • Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, DeafBlind, Hearing;

  • American Sign Language, Signed English, spoken English;

  • hearing aids, cochlear implants;

  • residential Deaf school, mainstream programs, home schooling;

  • CODAs, ASL students, interpreting students, family, and friends.

ALL are welcome at Bread of Life Deaf Lutheran Church!  We are a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Current Newsletter
Slices & Crumbs...news of life at BOLD: October 2020

Providing access is sometimes challenging, but always right
(an article by Pastor Susan Masters)